Cardi B Makes It Rain $500,000 at Offset’s 28th Birthday Get together


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There is nothing in this world that Cardi B likes more than checks, all she really wants to see is that … money.

And after the appearance of At the wild birthday party of Offset Cardi B did everything for her husband's special night. After what the two shared on Instagram, Cardi B seems to have given him $ 500,000 in cash – why not?

"Bday 500K from my wife", the Migos rapper posted on his Instagram story next to a video of all the money stacks.

"Man, this is my birthday present. This girl is crazy," he said in the video.

On Instagram the "Money" rapper also went to her account to publish an IGTV video that shows her surprising offset with the $ 500,000 in the fridge. In the video she says: "You have every car, you have every jewelry, you have everything. What else can I give to someone who has everything."

Cardi B then answers her own question, the fridge! "As Offset begins to laugh at her joke, he goes to the fridge and notices what's inside when all of his friends upset him.

Offset is heard by the "Bodak Yellow" rapper saying she doesn't have to give him the money, but she replies, "I know I don't have to give you the money, but I don't know what you could buy a car for, You could buy more clothes, you could buy jewelry, you could buy me more Birkin bags you want. […] I love you, muah. "

 Cardi B, offset birthday

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On her Instagram post, "Bodak Yellow" also wrote: "Grandpa has a birthday. Something for the birthday child @offsetyrn

But the birthday party had just started. The couple and the company celebrated on Friday evening, December 13th, the rapper's 28th birthday with a party at HD Buttercup in Los Angeles, California.

At the birthday party it looked as if the two Lovebirds were having fun with their friends and letting it rain.

For her husband's birthday party, the 27-year-old rapper wore a black leather dress that emphasized her figure, and she brushed her hair into an updo so that her beauty looked natural and flawless.

In the meantime, Offset wore a matching teal and beige jacket and trousers with sneakers and diamond chains around his neck.

Happy Birthday, Offset!

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