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Dallas-based producer capshun has been building well-deserved enthusiasm for his name for some time. He was mainly created via SoundCloud and has curated his own label and collective BONSAI together with his artist colleagues Sasha Rome Afrosamuraiist and paaus with . During his trip, the talented producer delivered almost too much, releasing one synth-filled, trap-infused release after another. He is now back in full force and reveals his debut EP OKAMI.

OKAMI is six tracks long and an impressive example of Capshun's artistic development, both in terms of production technology and conceptually, when the EP was born out of love for Southeast Asian culture.

"Okami is an alternative name for Ametersu, which is considered the goddess of the sun and the universe in the Japanese Shintoist religion," said Capshun. “There is a Japanese folk story in which Okami, as a wolf deity, walks on earth, brings miracles and basically saves Japan from destruction. I wanted to create a world that brought the elements of the goddess to life through sound. “

“ Rage ”starts the EP in a strong way and perfectly introduces the listener to the world of sound that will follow, while the constantly evolving“ Destiny ”continues the journey with extensive synthesizers and hard 808s. The epic and expertly produced "Kimetsu" and the minimal outro "Luuj" give the tracklist a lot of flair, while previously published collaborations "Quintessence" with Floret Loret and "Acai Tower" with Quiet Bison were released published earlier this year via UZ & # 39; s Quality Goods Records are among the highlights of the project.

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