Ashley Graham Says She Gained 50 Kilos As Pregnant Supermodel Poses In The Buff


Oversized supermodel Ashley Graham is in her last trimester of pregnancy and has announced via Instagram that she has gained 50 pounds. After the announcement, the 32-year-old shared a picture of herself with her husband Justin Ervin and then a second picture in which he photographed his wife naked. Ashley revolutionized the model industry after sparking controversy over a Lane Bryant ad played during the prime time of an American Idol episode. Ashley's voluptuous figure sparked outrage and a reaction from Victoria's Secret, which ran commercials in the same time window and believed that Ashley's curves were a little too competitive to be liked. Since then, Ashley has continued to defy standards and claim her place in the fashion world. Now she has developed the same attitude towards maternity wear and many women see Ashley Graham as a role model.

At a time when many celebrities are known to be born and then get back in shape immediately, women like Jessica Simpson and Ashley Graham refresh themselves. Jessica gained weight during her pregnancy and fought hard each time to regain her body after the baby.

Ashley Graham is now one of the pregnant celebrities with whom real women can relate. Ashely continued to work throughout her pregnancy, was photographed eating real food, and readily admitted to gaining 50 pounds.

You might see below what Ashley said about her weight gain.

"I have gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy so far and best of all, I don't care! I have never felt better and I am so grateful that my body and my son made it possible for me to be so mobile and flexible to be like me. Between training, yoga, acupuncture and lymphatic drainage, I finally have the feeling that I understood this whole thing about pregnancy and did my best. "

Here are the photos Ashley took of her naked, pregnant body with her husband Justin Ervin.

Here is Ashley's post on her weight gain along with a photo of Ashley in one of her many yoga poses.

What do you think of Ashley Graham's open attitude towards pregnancy, body image and weight gain?


Were you surprised that Ashley was so open about her pregnancy?

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