Are Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grant Engaged And Planning To Have A Baby?



Are Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant engaged and planning a baby? That’s the question many people are asking now that a new article in the upcoming issue of OK! Magazine was released. In the magazine, a source speaks about the happiness of Keanu Reeves (55) since Alexandra (47) entered his life. Keanu was always known as a hermit and there was even a meme called “Sad Keanu” in which someone saw him sitting at a bus stop and looked lonely. For years, the hearts of fans have been going to Keanu, who lost love and a child years ago, and feared that he could never find true love again. While many people are jealous of Alexandra for bringing Keanu love and joy back, others are thrilled that after all these years he has found someone to share his life with.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Keanu Alexandra has given an engagement ring, and there has been much debate about what her engagement ring looked like. According to the magazine, the ring you see on Alexandra Grant’s fingers below is actually her uniquely designed engagement ring. Since Alexandra is an award-winning artist, it is doubtful whether she would have a normal or typical engagement ring.

The source described the engagement and marriage proposal, which they say has only recently taken place. Earlier reports indicated that they were engaged on New Year’s Eve.

The source stated the following.

“He did it the old fashioned way and fell to one knee after a candlelit dinner. He gave this beautiful speech in which he explained why he would like to spend the rest of his life with Alexandra and listed all of its special features. ”

The source said Keanu took the ring out of a “unique vintage gold rock” and Alexandra loves it. In fact, the source said that she is proud to be his fiance.

You may see the ring below that is supposed to be Alexandra’s engagement ring.

The outlet also indicated that marriage for Keanu and Alexandra will not be the end of life-changing events. The store also said the next step for the couple will be to have their own baby, even if it means adoption. The source said the following.

“He and Alexandra would like to have a family together. Keanu saw what a magical experience adoption was for his girlfriend Sandra [Bullock]. They also love the idea of ​​giving something back and helping those who need a loving home. Keanu has the right qualities. He is patient and friendly, but also strict when necessary and does not flip-flop. Most importantly, he has so much love to give. ”

Did Keanu Reeves suggest Alexandra Grant? Is the Matrix Star engaged? | Celebrity Insider

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What do you think about the report from OK! Do you think Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are engaged and is that their engagement ring? Do you think the couple will adopt and start their own family after their marriage?


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