Anna Karina, Star of French New Wave Cinema, Is Useless at 79


She made about three dozen other films and began directing in 1973 with the film “Vivre Ensemble” I could do it. That's all, ”she said to The Guardian decades later. She also wrote, wrote and played in her last film "Victoria" (2008) about a woman with amnesia who travels to Canada.

woman. Karina also pursued a vocal career with hits from the late 1960s such as "Sous le Soleil Exactement" and "Roller Girl" by Serge Gainsbourg. And she wrote four novels, including "Golden City" (1983), which she described in the quarterly film commentary as "a kind of thriller with gangsters".

However, she was best known for her first film Roles.

Hanne Karin Bayer was born on September 22, 1940 in Solbjerg, Denmark, a suburb on the country's east coast. Her father left the family a year after she was born. Her mother ran a clothes shop.

Hanne lived with her maternal grandparents for three years and was in foster care for four years, but eventually returned to her mother.

When she was 14 she dropped out of school, sang in cabaret and worked as a television model. When she was 17 she ran away from home – hitchhiking to Paris – and was discovered by the casting director of an advertising agency when she was sitting in Les Deux Magots, the fashionable café on the left bank of the Seine. During a photo shoot for Elle magazine, she met the fashion designer Coco Chanel, who advised her to change her name.

Godard, then a film critic, saw her in a cinema advertisement for a Palmolive bathroom product. When he later offered her a small part of his first full-length film "Breathless" (1960), she refused to do a nude scene. Godard said he didn't understand – after all, he had just seen her on the screen in a bathtub, looked very comfortable, and showed a lot of skin.


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