AirPods Professional Presents Enchancment In Bluetooth Latency


It's not too long ago that Apple released the AirPods Pro. The earphones have improved audio quality compared to regular AirPods and also offer active noise cancellation functions. However, it seems that Apple has actually done more than advertised. One of them includes improvements in Bluetooth latency.

This was discovered by the musician, composer and software developer Stephen Coyle, on the basis of which he was founded. During his tests, he found that the AirPods Pro had better Bluetooth latency. Using a metronome, Coyle found that the original AirPods using the W1 chipset had a 274 ms latency of 178 ms, but for the AirPods Pro, Coyle found that it had an even lower latency of 144 ms having. This is almost half the latency of the original AirPods, although it is unclear whether this is possible for users or not.

However, this Bluetooth latency is higher for measuring sounds that are considered "unpredictable", e.g. For example, user-initiated sounds, sound effects in games, etc. According to Coyle, latency in videos can be easily fixed by delaying video playback, so this is not necessarily a problem.

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