7 Simple Make-up Tricks to Look Youthful


Anti-aging is such a hot topic these days. Everyone and their mother (literally) call out tips and tricks to take years off our faces. Most of the time it is innocent enough. A product recommendation here, an eye makeup trick there. But even if your goal is not to look younger than you actually are – be it because you are a 20-year-old with baby skin or because you are a 50-year-old who wears fine lines like badges of honor (crazy respect)!) – You probably still don't want to age unnecessarily with rookie makeup mistakes that destroy your brightest reflection. Fair?

We learned from well-known makeup artist Shannon Pezzetta and Kevyn Aucoin Beauty's global director of art and education, Nick Lujan, that it's really easy to create a more youthful look with makeup. Not surprisingly, our goal is to stubbornly cover every imperfection if our goal is to look younger (or at least not older).

We love a good beauty cheat code, so we asked our professionals for their top makeup tips for those who want to bring their youngest face to the front. And as a friendly reminder we neither believe nor do we want you to believe that younger is better . Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. Point. A bright and shining mug is a movement we can always leave behind, and if our efforts make us look a little younger, that's just a bonus! Read on for the artist's approved tips and the best products to run. IRL.


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