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In retrospect, the 2010s were a brave and often brilliant decade for men's fashion from the outside in. It was a time of experimentation when nobody ruled. Men bragged about tailoring, sportswear, and everything in between. Smart dress became casual, casual dress became fashionable.

But not everything worked, right? When we wake up in the morning after the last decade, we can already pull ourselves together in some of the clothes we have worn, and some trends of the 2010s, especially from the first half of the decade, have already died quietly. T-shirts with a scoop neckline, top knots and peacock tailoring have disappeared without anyone having to start a petition.

Whisper, but even some of the classics have been a little overexposed by Instagram over the decade. They are too evergreen to completely withdraw, but we have to get a little tired of biker jackets, bomber jackets, chelsea boots, turtlenecks, and minimalist sneakers.

But we're not going to focus on that today. Below is a list of trends that have definitely run out of time and their replacement.

Shrink Films

Skinny jeans only really worked on men with a very specific effect. They look good with tall, slim men who only wear all black, tend to smoke chains and can handle a guitar well. Basically rock stars.

If you are not a rock star, you do not have thin but not too thin legs and are not at least two meters tall. Then you have probably made skinny jeans look like a tightly wrapped sausage.

Because the window for the success rate for skinny jeans is so small and the concept of the rock star doesn't really exist anymore, let's just leave it behind, should we? It's a little wonder what attracted millions of men to them at all.

Let's face it, it's hard to put them on and take them off. restrict your movement; You can't put anything in your pockets. You are against comfort. Make your top half look bigger (not good) and make yourself look childish. Yes, we definitely leave them.

H & M

What to Wear Instead

Wouldn't & # 39; If you want a streamlined silhouette, you should go for a slim pair of jeans, but for the rest of us the most flattering cut is just with a taper and make you look taller and ironically slimmer, which is probably what most men with skinny jeans hoped for.

Charlie Thomas, senior editor

Overwhelming logos

Oddly enough, the 90s were Years in the news of the 10s. And of all the fashion trends of the 90s, none were as big as big logos of skate wear- From brands to luxury fashion houses, streetwear used the day and literally took the resurrected trend onto their chests. And we are. We're not just talking about logo t-shirts and hoodies, but also about tracksuits, bags and knitwear, all of which are papered with brand logos.

Now, at the turn of the decade, the logos have become a little tired. Among other things, the sustainability agenda called on customers to demand more creativity from designers than just "How big can I make this font?".

The trend has developed as such. Industry leaders like Off-White and Gucci have flipped the script over and created unusual versions of their own logos, interspersed with creative graphics, and printed over the T-shirts in unexpected places. Logos have not gone out of style, but in the 1920s, being a walking billboard of your favorite brands shouldn't be a priority.

 Gucci "class =" white "/> <span class= Gucci

What you should wear instead

Make a statement in a different way , apart from the fact that you can afford certain designers. A bold shade is one. The other way is an all-over pattern. At once statement, but also uniform in nature, Camo is the de facto pattern of choice in Streetwear, a camo in bright orange? Streetwear gold.

Richard Jones, staff writer

The Menswear Blogger Uniform

In the 2010s street style became stratospheric and the runways Fashion Week increasingly played the second fiddle to the well-dressed men outside of the shows, but this meant a lot of inspiration for the outfit that was ripe for the looting also led to a strange homogeneity of the he men's clothing that froze and fear formed ed menswear blogger uniform.

What makes the blogger uniform? A five-minute scroll on Instagram should tell you. It's a strange alchemy of otherwise harmless men's clothing items (slim black jeans and maybe a leather jacket or checked pants, tassel loafers and a camel coat) that come together in a closet that is not only safe but also a yoke.

Ironically, really, because this uniform supposedly serves a strong dose of #outfitinspo. Who would have thought that deliberately standing out could be so alarmingly conformist?

 Reiss "class =" white "/> <span class= Reiss

What to wear instead

Instead of using the proven and tired formula considering choosing clothes only for their ability to "pop" for street style photographers, you should instead consider the virtue of simplicity, which means that you don't have to pay attention to yourself to find a pattern that doesn't match The eye is tuned and not a hectare of ankle meat.

Hold things back, but if you've worn your favorite combinations 500 times, mix them up quickly.

Luke Sampson, creative director

Muscle-Fit Anything

There is another name for Muscle-Fit: too small, I mean we understand it, you got on the train to Gainsville, are on the Costa del Swole landed and j Now she wants to show your new hard-won pectoral muscles / biceps / quads (if necessary to brush).

Shirts and suits may not be compression gear. If there is even the slightest risk of someone losing sight of a rocket at the push of a button, or if you need to avoid climbing stairs because your pants may not survive the trip, then we, dear reader, have a problem.

 boohooMAN "class =" white "/> <span class= boohooMAN

What to Wear Instead

Fit is relative to the wearer, not everyone Man tries to stuff 10 pounds of sausage in a 5 pound bag, and not every man wants to be seen in pants big enough to serve as bell tents. In truth, there is no holy grail cut for every man

To give yourself the best chance, try to find the middle ground where seams rest on your limbs instead of straining them, where T-shirts fit like a second skin and literally see no one may as it depends.

Luke Todd, Deputy Editor

Bushy Beards

Around the Beginning In the 2010s, it seemed like every nan and their cat were on board of the trend that is best described as lumbersexual b is drawn. Part of a man who cuts wood, but really only makes latte art, the other a relic of the last decade, the metrosexual, the admittedly rather boring uniform, which rests on thin black jeans, a heavy flannel shirt and, of course, the bushy beard.

Said facial hair was usually placed next to a sharp fade on the sides, maybe a man on top and a couple of neck tattoos for a good measure. It worked for about five percent of the people who tried it. With all the beard oil and trips to the hair salon, you really have to be especially blessed to make it look smart and planned and not like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

 Bushy Beards "class =" weiß "/> </p>
<h3> What To Wear Instead </h3>
<p> One of the biggest problems with a large, shaped beard is that he needs more maintenance than a 17th century lock, and for something much more flexible and handy, keep a slim, short beard that can be quickly shaved clean or shortened to stubble. </p>
<h2> Functionality that doesn't work </h2>
<p> Men's clothing has grown up in the past two or three years. Designers and consumers alike have been un fashionable enthusiasts of clothing designed for a specific purpose: hiking gear, performance fabrics, trail running shoes, and the war-inspired warcore trend If someone brought out a Gore-Tex handkerchief tomorrow, we wouldn't be surprised When office workers put on coats that are suitable for Antarctica in ever milder winters and when the runways are flooded with Call of Duty cosplay, which disguises itself as high fashion. </p>
<p> Robust fabrics? Big. Useful design points? Give me. But after a certain point, this is no longer functional fashion at all. Empty, unused bags are just as decorative as sequins or flowers. </p>
<p align=  Simons "class =" white "/> <span class= Simons

What to Wear Instead

If you are not a reservist, leave the combat vests stay calm and stay in functional fashion that makes your life easier. Breathable fabrics, sealed zippers, hidden additional pockets, well-padded shoes and hoods that actually stay up are all worthy of the modern man's wish list.

Outdoor brands like Patagonia and The North Face are worth investing in because their wares work both in the city and in the great outdoors, and they're built to last with more sustainable brownie points than 90 percent of the others Labels.

Ian Taylor, Editor-in-Chief


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