19 BIPOC-Owned Fashion Brands to Support


But what if you are an individual? You can put pressure on these big retailers by contacting the company or commenting on their social posts. You may also consider spending 15% or more of your personal fashion spend on black-owned brands.

It is also important to note that the financial impact of COVID-19 trademarks in general has been more severe than others, as shown in the graphic below Mona Chalabi . This New York Times opinion article “How We Spend Tells Us Whose Life Matters” addresses one of the reasons for inequality in stimulus packages. When we think about positive economic change for the BIPOC community in the longer term, it is important to support these companies now so that we do not lose them due to financial difficulties associated with the pandemic. To that end, we list some of our favorite stores here in the fashion category. Buy one if you can, and if not, bookmark it later, knowing that your purchase satisfies more than your shopping habits.


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