15 Should-See YouTube Movies That Left a Mark on Pop Tradition


Can you believe that YouTube is 15 years old today ?!

In the relatively short time we used the video sharing platform, many legendary songs, funny mistakes, late night segments and just weird videos have integrated into our lives and that Pop culture defined. How else should we explain "Friday" when Rebecca Black is one of our favorite songs in 2011?

We also can't forget that YouTube us Justin Bieber in 2008. We don't even want to imagine what our fallback playlist would be without the song "One Time".

The creators of YouTube had no idea what they programmed 15 years ago in a garage in San Mateo, California, would be what it is today. After all, it was originally supposed to be an online dating site! Obviously, they made the right decision to move away from this idea, as the company is currently valued at nearly $ 40 billion.

In honor of YouTube’s 15th anniversary, we share 15 of our favorite videos that have been uploaded to the platform since 2005.

Sit back, relax, put on headphones and prepare for an excursion in front of our YouTube memory trail.

"… and that really hurt."

This song conquered the world in 2017 and is the most viewed YouTube video with more than 6.6 billion views.

Adele can rap ?! Yes, still not over it!

Only one word occurs: fainting!

If we had to summarize this video in three words? "I like turtles."

Kate McKinnon is too funny, and special guest Ryan Gosling agrees.

Let's leave this song in 2012.

@ chipheuston94 said " Mindy Kaling is not funny …" and we hate to tell you that, but you're wrong!

Sorry, you will probably sing all day because "it's Friday, Friday …"

One of the first YouTube viral videos taught us that the moon walk never gets old.

Kylie Jenner finally answered all of our burning questions as best we could.

Unfortunately this song will stay in our heads for days.

Is it just us or does Ariana Grande Britney Spears better than Britney Britney?

After all these years, the voice of Susan Boyle is still cold.

Congratulations, YouTube! We can't wait to see what's going to happen in the coming years.

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