10 Should-Strive Vegan Meals within the Center East


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More and more people worldwide are turning to a vegan diet. Veganism is becoming increasingly popular on all continents, be it for ethical reasons or for reasons of the environment and climate change.

Vegan restaurants also become the best-known restaurants in capital cities. When you think of Middle Eastern cuisine, you might think of rice and meat dishes. However, there are now many popular foods from the Middle East that are not only vegetarian, but also vegan. Read on for 10 essential vegan dishes in the Middle East.


These crispy fried balls are another ode to the vegan-friendly chickpea. The chickpeas are pureed with herbs, spices and sometimes onions. It is often made in a spherical shape, but there are also larger and flatter versions. It is believed to have its origin in Egypt, but is also widespread in the Levantine countries and the Gulf. Falafel is processed into a vegan pita sandwich with salad and hummus in many places.

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